Scientific Programme

The course will be open for students with experimental and/or theoretical background. It is expected that students with different background will stimulate and support each other. The aim is to generate a group of twenty-four motivated and highly interacting students.

Students will be required to prepare themselves for the course depending on their level in experimental biology or mathematical modelling.
As a basis for mathematical modelling the book “SystemsBiology: A Textbook”, (Klipp, Liebermeister, Wierling, Kowald, 2009) should be studied in advance of the course.
To introduce principles of experimental cell biology studying the book “Genetic Techniques for Biological Research” (Michels, 2002) and/or a recent cell biology/cell physiology book is recommended.
To introduce the specific biological systems that will serve as examples in the course a set of review articles will be distributed.

See Tutorial page for more information.

The course is intense and for 10 full days from 09.00 until about 22.00, plus one half day. Do not expect much spare-time during the course days and rather plan extra days in Göteborg for sight-seeing.

The course programme consists of:

1. Introductory lectures
2. Computer exercises
3. Laboratory experiments
4. Discussions in groups and within the entire group
5. Invited lectures
6. Seminars by the participants

Confirmed teachers/instructors: Stefan Hohmann, Alejandro Colman-Lerner, Marija Cvijovic